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Company:  Futures Consulting
Contact:  Kevin Peterson



Mechanical Department Head

DEPARTMENT: MEP engineering

SUMMARY: The Mechanical Department Head actively manages day-to-day departmental business including planning, staffing, and execution of all projects assigned within the discipline
He/she will continuously demonstrate a high level of leadership, be a mentor for staff and set exemplary standards for creativity and cooperation. He/she will proactively work to continuously improve the caliber of engineering services within the firm. The department head is responsible for maintaining staffing levels and competencies consistent with the firm's type of work and volume. He or she is an active member of the professional community and the community at large.

The Mechanical Department Head reviews budgets, schedules and monitors project progress, costs and coordinates labor requirements with Project Engineers and production staff. The Mechanical Department Head makes recommendations on personnel needs and salary requirements to the Principal of MEP Engineering, works closely with Architectural Project Managers and other department heads to ensure timely, cost-effective completion of each project.

The Mechanical Department Head communicates regularly with the Principal of MEP Engineering having general management responsibility for the group to discuss department progress, needs, budgets and schedules. He/she provides input data and requirements for engineering contracts affecting the discipline.


Technical Design/Production

Supervise staff to ensure that value engineering and scope control are accomplished and to ensure that projects are designed to meet client’s needs and are delivered within established budgets and schedules.

Review system selection for conformance with client’s and firm’s project goals, including budgets and schedules.

Review progress and quality of drawings.

Act as Senior Project Engineer on select projects.

Serve as the most senior internal point of contact for technical expertise and decision making from planning through construction.

Champion quality by demonstrating high standards and developing procedures and standard details that result in exemplary products and services.

Supervise technical staff for compliance with firm’s quality standards.

Be responsible for checking and issuance of drawings and specifications in accordance with firm’s Operating procedures.

Accept responsibility for consistency and conformance to the firm's design, documentation, and service standards.

Accept responsibility for the thoroughness, completeness, and integrity of all products and services produced by the discipline.

Work closely with other Engineering disciplines and architectural staff to develop high quality communication/coordination processes.

Supervise production of required workload within predetermined labor budgets and time schedules in conformance with established technical criteria.

Review projects with the Principal of MEP Engineering, Project Managers and Project Engineers to establish time schedules and processing of projects through the office.

Integrate new projects into department workload and makes labor assignments.

Be the central reference for discipline-related construction cost data.

Work with staff members to maximize productivity and effectiveness. Continuously improve the firm's processes, products and services.

Encourage staff flexibility, cooperation, and participation on multiple and concurrent projects.

Strive to organize work and jobs to provide the maximum amount of responsibility and authority.

Provide staff with the information needed to do their job and correct misinformation whenever necessary.

Maintain up-to-date office standards, specifications and details.

Sign and seal construction documents prepared by the respective discipline staff as required.


Ensure achievement of the firm's financial goals as it relates to the discipline.

Understand and manage the discipline in a financially responsible manner.

Review and act on financial management and operating statistics relevant to the discipline.

Measure and document performance and continuously identify, implement and validate improvements.

Identify candidates and seeks out appropriate training to constantly improve the department's technical competence and efficiency.

Plan, coordinate, and verify vacation, training, and meeting time of all staff members.

Maintain current registrations and pursue new licenses as needed by the firm in order to seal all required construction documents.

Attend and/or administer periodic Department meetings to discuss and implement departmental procedures.

Periodically review and evaluate performance of departmental personnel. Be responsible to provide open and direct feedback to all staff members relative to their ongoing performance and behavior.

Review and approve time sheets each week for appropriate discipline team members.

Conduct regular internal meetings with appropriate group members for quality control, updating team on project status, and ensuring that scope is controlled.

Develop and maintain a stable, motivated staff and high morale.

Mentor staff in professional demeanor, technical competence, team building, process improvement, and client relations.

Advocate, demonstrate, and demand appropriate professional behavior and take corrective action when necessary.

Challenge staff to grow and provide them with opportunities to advance.

Identify candidates for seminars and other professional development opportunities.

Identify needs and initiate requests to the Principal of MEP Engineering for new hires or additional staff from elsewhere within the firm.

Interview and, when approved, hire and train new staff and dismiss existing staff when necessary.

Involve staff in decisions that directly affect their areas of work.

Provide appropriate recognition, opportunity and job security based on attitude, competence, accomplishment, and contribution to performance of the department.

Assist the Managing Partner and Principal of MEP Engineering in conducting compensation and bonus reviews and develop salary and bonus recommendations.

Manage manpower within the group for efficient and effective utilization of staff.

Prepare manpower forecast each week for each appropriate disciplines team member assigned to each project.

Review training needs of each employee and provide in-house or other training as approved.

Time Allocation (based on a 40 hour work week)

 Technical Design/Production: 50-60% (20-24 hours) Billable

 Administration: 30-40% (12-16 hours) Non-Billable

 Marketing: 10% (4 hours) Non-Billable

 Or as otherwise determined by the Principal of MEP Engineering.


Seek and identify new work associated with new and existing projects and clients.

Strive to promote and develop new areas of marketable expertise by which to expand the firm’s available services to its clients.

Supervise department members to ensure that good work habits and high quality customer services attitudes are developed.

Prepare professional service proposals for prime projects and as needed for internal projects.

Serve as a presenter at interviews for new project opportunities. 

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