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Overview 21st Century Oncology, Inc. is a leading developer and operator of radiation therapy and multi-specialty centers. These centers, which are freestanding and hospital based, provide a full spectrum of radiation therapy and related multi-specialty services to cancer patients, including conventional external beam radiation treatments and advanced services such as prostate seed implants and 3D conformal treatment planning. In its over 30 years of operation, the Company has developed an operating model which enables the Company's centers to deliver high quality, cost effective patient care. Currently, the Company operates nearly 200 centers clustered into regional networks throughout the United States.

The Company's centers focus exclusively on providing radiation therapy and related cancer treatment services in the areas of medical oncology, urology, surgery, breast care, and colorectal services. 21st Century Oncology believes its centers are differentiated from competitors by their high standard of quality patient care and service, their ability to provide a full spectrum of advanced treatments and their efficient operations. Additionally, the Company's senior radiation oncologists are nationally recognized for excellence and leadership in the field of radiation oncology. For example, one of the oncologists is a past President of the American College of Radiation Oncology, and four of the oncologists are current board members. These attributes have enabled the Company to increase its referrals from physicians, as well as to continue to recruit highly regarded radiation oncologists and specialty physicians, which allows further expansion of the Company's regional networks of radiation therapy and specialty centers.

The Company has developed an operating model based on standardized operating procedures. Its physicians have developed proprietary clinical pathways that enable its centers to deliver cost effective, high quality patient care. This standardized operating model, which includes manuals, policies and documented procedures, ensures uniformity and efficiency of operation among the centers. The Company's cancer registry of over 30,000 treated patients (one of the largest domestic cancer patient databases) and its ability to conduct real-time peer review over a proprietary wide area network, are key components to developing of clinical pathways by the radiation oncologists. The Company believes its systems have been proven over time which enables it to operate efficiently its existing centers, develop successfully its new centers and integrate acquisitions.

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